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Meet The Psychologist

Sophia Slaney

Sophia Slaney has been a Registered Psychologist in Newfoundland and Labrador since 1992 (Reg.#119). Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, Sophia completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She completed a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. Sophia is a Per Course Instructor in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland, a member of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and a member of The Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance (CADDRA)

Sophia has particular interest in assessment and intervention for individuals with Specific Learning Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities, as well as with individuals who have emotional/behavioral challenges. She draws on thirty-five years plus years providing teaching, assessment and consultation services around the learning and psychological needs of students from Kindergarten through post-secondary. Sophia’s extensive experience in the school setting allows her to plan supportive and effective school-based interventions. Sophia specializes in conducting comprehensive psychoeducational assessments which can help determine an individual’s unique learning profile, including areas of strength and challenge, and their impact on learning. She keeps abreast of recent advances in the scientific literature and regularly updates her training so that she can offer treatments that are effective.

Sophia offers a practical and client-centered approach in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to help clients achieve their goals. Sophia’s approach is eclectic in nature, drawing primarily from cognitive-behavioural and solution-focused therapies. She strives to empower clients through the therapeutic relationship, the use of evidence- based approaches, and the development of practical strategies to support well-being and resiliency.



A range of counselling services are offered to individuals ages 13 years and up, with a focus on:



Stress management

Learning challenges


Behavior management


Career exploration

Individual counselling can be helpful in identifying and addressing these concerns, allowing individuals to find solutions and to make positive changes. An integrative approach to therapy is utilized. Techniques from various evidence-based therapeutic approaches are utilized when developing plans, goals and interventions with clients.

Testing, Assessment, and Diagnostic Services

Assessment services are offered to individuals ages 6 years and up.

Psycho-Educational Assessment

A psycho-educational assessment can help to gain a better understanding of how people learn and use information and to identify strengths and challenges within their cognitive profile. A comprehensive psycho-educational assessment usually includes assessment of intellectual, developmental, academic, social-emotional, and adaptive functioning. Review of relevant history through collateral information, parent, teacher, and informant rating scales is also an important aspect of assessments. 

Specific Learning DisordersIntellectual Disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactvity Disorder are some of the diagnoses that can be made through comprehensive psycho-educational assessments. At times, individuals may not meet criteria for a specific disability or category of exceptionality but, may exhibit signs and symptoms. Whether or not an individual meets the criteria for an exceptionality, appropriate recommendations are generated based upon the results of each unique profile. A comprehensive report is provided, including recommendations that are helpful in supporting the individual within their home, school, and/or occupational settings.

Assessments are completed according to the region’s standards to ensure that diagnostic procedures, presentation of results, and language used in the suggested recommendations are aligned with the standards followed by local school boards, colleges, and universities. The recommendations, informed by the results of the assessment, are instrumental in ensuring that appropriate programming (including accommodations) is developed for the both the home and school setting. The assessment report may also be used to support applications for government-funded disability claims as well as educational bursaries and equipment subsidies.


Psychological consultation differs from therapy. When individuals seek therapy, they usually know the specific issues they want to address. Occasionally, individuals and agencies might suspect that a problem exists and help is needed, but may be uncertain as to the exact nature of the problem.

In these cases, a consultation may be helpful. Consultation interviews are used to gather relevant background information, determine the nature of the problem and examine solutions that have been tried. Subsequently, further recommendations, including psychological assessment and/or therapy may be made or appropriate services in the community may be identified.


Fees & Policies

Are psychological Services covered by MCP?

Private psychological services are not covered through MCP. Clients either pay themselves or have third party coverage such as Employee Assistance Programs or Health Insurances.

Does my health insurance cover psychological services?

Extended health benefit policies vary widely in their coverage for psychological services. Please contact your benefits provider to determine your coverage for psychological services.

Do I require a referal to see a registered psychologist?

A physician’s referral is not required to see a psychologist however, your insurance company may require a referral to reimburse you.

How will I be billed and reimbursed?

Clients are billed directly for services rendered and a detailed receipt will be provided to submit to an extended benefits provider for reimbursement and/or income tax purposes.

What are the fees at Villa Nova Psychological Services?

The fee for a consultation is $160. Fees for counselling are based on an hourly rate ($180) with sessions being fifty minutes in length. The fee for a psychoeducational assessment begins at $2750. Fees for other types of assessment will depend on the needs of the client.

Please note: Effective September 1 2022, the cost per session will increase to $210

What methods of payment are accepted?

Payment options include: cheque, e-transfer, or cash.

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